Industrial floors DST

Used wherever floors are subjected to the greatest loads and intensive use. They are widely used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, stores and other similar places. Certified for use in food, pharmaceutical and hazardous areas, provide for their tremendous versatility. Industrial concrete floors are pavements with about 20 years of life time, which does not require special maintenance. The use of surface hardeners (DST - Dry Shake Topping) eliminates weak cement laitance layer formed during industrial floor finishing works. It is replaced with a layer composed of a hard and abrasion resistant aggregate, high efficiency cement that raises concrete surface strength, and appropriate dopants and additives.

With the DST technology concrete floor is achieving increased strength properties, and its performance is more economical compared to the resin solutions. The use of DST's BAUTECH allows you to create interesting color flooring, as well as electrostatic flooring. Applying sealing measures raises resistance to the oil and grease stains.

Advantages of DST floors:

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Cost-effective implementation and operation

  • Very high abrasion resistance

  • High resistance to dusting

  • High impact resistance

  • Improved frost resistance

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Electrostatic floors without the use of resins

  • Wide range of colors

  • Electrostatic floors without the use of resins

  • Decorative concrete floors, stamped concrete technology