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Polish-Pavings –Polished concrete

Polished concrete

Polished concrete finds a growing group of its followers due to its properties. Thanks to grinding of concrete we remove from the surface layer the weakest cement laitance, revealing the aggregate that forms the skeleton of the concrete. Depending upon the aggregate in the concrete mix, used to implement the pavement, we obtain various visual effects. During the process of grinding and polishing of concrete it is also possible to color it, for example we can execute a company logo on the floor.

Grinding and polishing concrete can also be used to renovate the less damaged concrete pavements, or to refresh them. In case of more damaged concrete pavings as well as for a more impressive visual polished concrete it is possible to use a thin film colored concrete screed from Bautech. With that solution, we obtain a very durable and very interesting surface. Simultaneously using appropriate pavement impregnates, significantly raises its resistance to dirt.

Advantages of polished concrete:

  • Implementation of new decorative pavement

  • Restoration of damaged concrete pavements with thin film screed (10-30mm)

  • Increased resistance to stains compared to conventional concrete pavements

  • High abrasion resistance

  • High chemical and mechanical resistance

  • High abrasion resistance and longer life compared to ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating