Resin floors

Epoxy resin floors and polyurethane paints are used wherever is required a special chemical resistance and high mechanical strength. The original design causes that they are often used in public buildings. Diverse and attractive colors, possibility of using a color quartz sand,  resin layers with colored aggregates undergoing grinding and polishing, allows designers to apply a lot of interesting solutions. Depending on the desired properties we are using a various resin systems to allow many different applications.

Thin resin systems are used wherever chemical resistance is required or maintenance in high cleanliness, but we do not expect heavy vehicle and pedestrians traffic. When the traffic load increases, we use self leveling resin systems of greater thickness, so we obtain greater durability. The disadvantage of resin systems is their large slippery, but wherever for security reasons we have to use a non-slip surface it is possible to use resins with sprinkled sand, which give us a non-slip texture. Thanks to versatility in the use of epoxy resins it is also possible to carry out repairs of damaged concrete through the use of thin film resin screeds.

Advantages of resin floors:

  • Esthetic look

  • Lack of dusting

  • Watertight

  • Very high adhesion to the substrate

  • High chemical resistance

  • High resistance to impact and abrasion

  • Possibility of installation in very thin layers

  • Ability to repair concrete by using resin screeds

  • Electrostatic flooring