STAMPED CONCRETE – decorative pavings

Stamped concrete is ideal for parking lots, sidewalks and driveways, as well as reception spaces in buildings, or wherever we require decorative surfaces with higher abrasion resistant and high strength parameters. Due to the presence of high loads, for example roads, maneuvering place, bus stops and gas stations are often used concrete surface resistant to deformation that occurs in time.

Sometimes, for aesthetic reasons, rigid concrete pavements are replaced by semi-rigid pavements of concrete blocks that are not resistant to rutting. By using stamped concrete surface we can get the properties of concrete pavement, looking like surfaces made ​​from other materials. In addition, thanks to the Bautech technology we obtain concrete pavement with surface hardening, that lifts surface strength of concrete, and with the use of sealers raises resistance to dirt. Once these surfaces are durable and resistant to deformation when compared to the surface made ​​of individual elements, while maintaining the aesthetics. Stamped concrete pavements can perform as well in thin-film technology, so they can be used for the restoration of damaged concrete surfaces.

The advantages of decorative concrete pavement:

  • High aesthetic

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Resistance to deformation in time

  • High resistance to abrasion

  • High impact resistance

  • Improved frost resistance

  • Liquidproof surface

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Cost-effective implementation, operation

  • Possibility of restoration of damaged concrete surfaces in thin-film technology

  • Ability to perform on concrete screed, also using underfloor heating