Thin-layer flooring PCC

PCC flooring, is a modern system of thin-film polymer-cement floors which allows renovation of damaged concrete. They are also an excellent alternative for finishing all types of concrete surfaces such as patios, driveways, parking lots and garages. Thanks to the high efficiency polymer modified cements, hard aggregates and pigments, we obtain a layer that combines the properties of the cement concrete and resins.

Chemical reactions in cement make the PCC floors do not undergo deformations from long-term static loads, while the polymer additives increase the surface resistance to mechanical stress. With high steam permeability they may also be used for concretes with damaged waterproofing in contrast to the resin floors. BAUTECH PCC floor may be finished in many different ways. The use of spike rollers, and smoothing roughly, allows you to get non-slip pavements. In contrast, finished smoothly can also be tanned by pigments and polished to give a sparkling effect with additional color accents. Another advantage of this solution is the ability to perform such floors in stamped concrete technology.

Advantages of PCC Floors:

  • Implementation of the floor with a thickness of 8-15 mm

  • High mechanical strength and impact resistance

  • High resistance to loads from road transport

  • Increased resistance to dirt compared to conventional concrete pavements

  • Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating

  • Implementation of new decorative surfaces

  • Restoration of damaged concrete pavements

  • Możliwość wykonania nawierzchni barwnej (szeroka paleta kolorów)

  • The possibility of coloring patterns

  • Ability to perform pavement in stamped concrete technology